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 all the things im buying!

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PostSubject: all the things im buying!   Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:15 pm

crafting supplys!
gems: sapphire 100gp ea emeralds 150 ea and rubys 200 ea
hides cow hides 125 gp ea, green dragonhide 1k ea
gold ore 250gp ea, gold bars 200 ea.
normal 20gp ea
big 100gp ea
dragon 500gp ea
buying all clue items pm me prices or if you want an offer.
buying all herbs and secondarys ill come up with a price in person
viles 25gp ea

bronze arrws 25 gp ea
bolts 20gp ea

air 30gp ea
mind 35gp ea
water 20gp ea
earth 40gp ea
fire 25gp ea
laws 200 gp ea
natures 100gp ea

if I come up with more ill edit this post and bump!
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all the things im buying!
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